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Guide to home Fragrance

The scent in your home is more important that you think!

The feeling one gets from a good scent can truly effect how you feel. You find yourself calmer, happier, more energetic - and your guests will appreciate it too!
Here are some tips for best uses for our Expressive Scent scented sachets:

  • Place sachet in drawer or hang it in your closet to keep clothes smelling fresh
  • Maintain a well smelling bathroom by hiding sachet behind the toilet
  • Fragrance your vehicle by sliding sachets under seats and mats
  • Tuck sachet in to your flower arrangements and bouquets
  • Fragrance your office by placing sachet near desk
  • Scent a room by placing sachet near a fan and let the fragrance circulate
  • Stash a sachet in hamper or near dirty clothes basket
  • Slip a sachet of a soothing fragrance in to duvet or shams
  • Open envelope, and add contents with a little water to a simmering pot or warmer
  • Hide an envelope in your trash can to keep bad odors away
  • Keep sachet near bed pets and litter boxes
  • Store in gym bag or lockers to hide unwelcoming odors
  • Make a perfect gift basket by putting sachets inside
  • Give sachets as shower or wedding favors
  • Open envelope and add contents to vacuum compartment or bag